A Balletic Journey: Reflecting on a Year of Progress and Plentiful Pliés

A Balletic Journey: Reflecting on a Year of Progress and Plentiful Pliés

As the final curtain descends on another year, it's the perfect time to don our metaphorical tutus and take a graceful bow, not just to the passing months but to the pirouettes and pliés, to our turnout and the tendus and the time we have spent at the barre. 

As adult dancers our chances of becoming a Principal Dancer may be (long) gone, but we still progress. Each time we practise we get a little better; sometimes we go forwards in a leap and a bound, other days we may feel we are going backwards, but still we turn up. And slowly our bodies learn new moves, our feet flex, we can feel our balances becoming more stable. In this blog we take a moment to embark on a reflective pas de deux, reviewing the highs, the lows, and the exquisite progress made over the past twelve months. 

The Opening Act: Setting the Stage for Progress

Every ballet journey begins with an opening act, a prologue to the spectacular performances that follow. Consider the skills you brought to the stage at the start of the year—perhaps tentative tendus or shaky arabesques. Recognise the courage it took to step into the spotlight. 


The Grand Jeté of Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles

No balletic journey is without its grand jetés of challenges. Reflect on the hurdles you faced— balance challenges, those tricky turns, the demanding combinations, or the moments when self-doubt pirouetted into the studio. Celebrate the resilience that allowed you to land gracefully on the other side.

 The Crescendo of Achievements: Celebrating Successes

Every dancer deserves a standing ovation for the crescendo of achievements throughout the year. Revel in the moments of perfect alignment, the joy of nailing a  sequence, or the newfound flexibility that emerged from regular practice. These are the applause-worthy highlights of your balletic symphony.

    Pas de Deux with Perseverance: Navigating Setbacks

    Ballet, like life, is not without its missteps. Reflect on the setbacks encountered, the times you stumbled, or the days when fatigue lingered in every plié. Acknowledge the pas de deux with perseverance, the determination that kept you going even when the dance seemed arduous.

      The Tutu Testimony: Evaluating Technique

      The tutu is not just a garment; it's a testimony to technique. Consider the evolution of your ballet technique over the year. From refining the posture to perfecting the turnout, your tutu tells the story of the technical milestones achieved, one meticulous movement at a time.

        Choreographing Artistic Expression: Exploring Artistry

        Ballet is not merely a series of steps; it's a form of artistic expression. Reflect on the exploration of artistry in your dance. Whether conveying emotions through a lyrical adagio or infusing character into a lively variation, consider how you've grown as an artist on the stage.

        The Ensemble of Support: Gratitude for Mentors and Friends

        Behind every dancer's journey is an ensemble of support. Express gratitude for the mentors who shaped your technique, the friends who shared the joy of progress, and the dance community that became a second family. Their support has been the harmonious melody accompanying your dance.

          The Coda: Embracing the Conclusion with Grace

          As the ballet concludes, embrace the coda with grace. Reflect on the final performances of the year, the lessons learned, and the beauty found in both success and imperfection. The coda is a chance to curtsy to the past year, expressing gratitude for the journey it bestowed.

            The Encore: Looking Forward with Anticipation

            Every dancer anticipates the encore—a chance to continue the dance with renewed enthusiasm. Look forward with anticipation to the next act of your balletic journey. Set goals, dream new dreams, and prepare for the encore that awaits on the horizon.

              The Standing Ovation: Applauding Yourself

              As the final curtain falls, give yourself a standing ovation. Applaud the dedication, the growth, and the passion that characterised your balletic journey over the past year. You are both dancer and audience, deserving of the thunderous applause for the unique performance that is your dance through time.

                In the ballet of life, each year is a performance—a unique choreography of progress, setbacks, and artistic expression. As you take a bow on the stage of the past twelve months, may the next act bring even more pirouettes of joy, pliés of resilience, and a standing ovation for the beautiful dance that is uniquely yours.

                Happy Dancing xoxo




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