What Our Mission Statement Means To Us

What Our Mission Statement Means To Us

At Butterfly Dancewear we want to do more than simply sell dancewear. The way we work, how we manufacture and the relationships we have with suppliers and customers are all important to us. When we shop, we are interested in how and where things are made and the ethics of businesses we buy from. As designers and manufacturers of our own brand, we  want to share our ethical stance with you so that you know who you are dealing with.

As adult dancers we value the camaraderie of the studio and the friendships and support that dancing together fosters, and we want to try and create some of that feeling within our Butterfly family by letting you get to know us.

The mission statement we have developed for Butterfly is the foundation of our culture and the driving force behind our actions. It guides us in how we do business and how we interact with customers, suppliers and each other.

Beautiful things, for beautiful people, made in a beautiful way

Our mission statement succinctly describes what Butterfly exists to do; to create beautiful dancewear whilst honouring manufacturing best practise, treating everyone we interact with in a principled way and remaining committed to our core values of;

  • Ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusivity
  • Customer Experience
  • Social Responsibility

As a small business we are able to truly live by our mission statement and use it as a source of motivation, inspiration, and innovation in our daily operations.

Whatever we do has to firstly meet the mission statement;

Is it beautiful and does it make us feel beautiful?

We believe that all dancers are beautiful people and we want our dancewear to enhance the wonderful feeling that we experience when we dance.

Our manufacturing and procurement processes have to be sustainable and ethical on every level. We undertake not to hide inconvenient truths but to embrace them and try to find the most virtuous solution. Sometimes this means we have to be pragmatic since affordability is an important aspect of sustainability, and sometimes we can’t make everything ourselves from scratch in New Zealand. When this is the case, we are transparent about that and any decision we make we will be happy to explain and stand by.

If you have already bought something from us, we thank you and we hope you are feeling beautiful when you wear it. If you're just looking, please enjoy our website and our social media posts. We want to represent real dancers with real bodies and embrace the truth that all bodies are beautiful xx




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