Customer Experience

Our mission statement is to create

Beautiful things for beautiful people, made in a beautiful way

We want you to feel good about what you purchase from Butterfly. You can know that we take care and consideration around what we make, how we make it and where we source it from. Our Customers become our Whanau - family. So if something goes wrong, or isn't what you expected, we want to help.

As a small business, everything we do is personal, so the first port of call for any feedback - be it good or bad is an email. We can then work out together what to do.

Sometimes things will be out of our control, like couriers and deliveries for example. But even when that goes wrong we want to know so we can try and make sure that the people who can make a difference know there has been a problem.

As a young business ALL your feedback is important to us as we build our business to be one which is all about you, our customers.

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