There’s no way to deny it, manufacturing anything has some environmental cost.

As clothing manufacturers we are very aware of the damage to the environment that is caused by many parts of the industry; from irresponsible growing of crops such as cotton, to international freight, to the use of plastic packaging.

We are constantly mindful of what we are doing, what resources we are using, and the cost to our planet and the people on it. We are transparent about what we do, what materials we have used and why we have made that decision. We’re always striving for improvement.

Butterfly garments are made to last. It is out intention to create a closed loop system so that when you no longer want or need your Butterfly we will be happy to have it back. 

We will clean and repair garments and they will be either donated to dancers in need or will be sold on our separate Facebook Store with proceeds going to The Bosman Creative Arts Charitable Trust which supports all kinds of creative arts projects.

Where garments can’t be re-used we will upcycle them into other items for sale on the Facebook Page – scrunchies, bags, patchwork supplies and the like.

In the meantime, enjoy your Butterfly, treat her with love and she will take you to classes for years to come.