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The idea for Butterfly Dancewear has been in my mind since I started Bosman Ballet Flow in 2019 and began teaching Silver Swans and Adult Dancers. It didn’t take long for me to notice that there was very little dancewear that was focused on more mature bodies.

Watching people discover ballet for the first time, or rediscover it after a break of sometimes decades, is such a great pleasure. Adults of all ages come to my classes and whilst there is a lot of different dancewear out there, most of it is designed for the very slender classical ballerina body. My classes are for everybody and every BODY so I wanted to create something that all dancers could wear and feel beautiful in.

From the little ‘egg’ of an idea, Butterfly has been slowly developing and finally in 2022 has emerged into the Balletsphere.

Celia Bosman

Butterfly Dancewear Founder

Every body be moved, physically and emotionally

For me ballet has been a constant thread that has run through my life… to be able to share the love of ballet, the feeling of being in tune with beautiful music and keeping bodies and minds agile is a true priviledge. 

our values

Butterflies are a perfect motif for our dancewear, symbolising the never-ending search for perfection that every Dancer feels. They are also under fire in our environmentally challenged world, so it is important to us that everything we do is with one eye on the environmental impact of our actions.  Wherever it is possible we manufacture in Aotearoa, New Zealand and support local businesses in our hometown of Otautahi, Christchurch.

Ethics – transparency in everything we do

Sustainability and environmental concerns 

Inclusivity – size, gender, age, ability, affordability 

Customer Experience  - Our mission statement is to create
Beautiful things for beautiful people, made in a beautiful way

Social responsibility –‘giving back’

Beautiful things, for beautiful people, made in a beautiful way